Announcement and a Sale!

There are some big changes coming to this website.

First, I’ve added a store! Right now, you can purchase the 4 audiobooks for The Blades of Acktar directly from me. This means you pay less than retail, you completely own the audiobooks, and I get all the profits. It’s a serious win-win! When you purchase the audiobooks directly from me, you’ll be able to either listen to them in the Bookfunnel app or download the MP3 files to listen however you like.

I’m really excited about being able to offer direct sales of audiobooks this way. I’ve tested out the purchasing of audiobooks directly from the author, and I really liked the experience.

Click here to explore my shop!

Besides audiobooks, I’m planning to expand the store to include direct sales of the ebooks of all my books as well.

To do this, that means the ebooks will be leaving Kindle Unlimited this summer.

It will be a gradual process as each book’s enrollment in KU ends and I can switch them over. The ebooks will still be available for purchase on Amazon. They just won’t be available for rent via Kindle Unlimited. BUT they will eventually be for sale everywhere ebooks are sold, including directly from me via my website!

Dare and Decree are the first books that will be leaving KU. For that reason, I’m running a sale on both of these books for this weekend so that you can snap up your copy! (Please note that the sale starts tomorrow).

Click here to find the books on Amazon!

Eventually, I might add more things to the store. The Blades of Acktar fandom merchandise, perhaps. Preorders of The Blades of Acktar hardcovers once they are released this summer or fall. Fun stuff.

What would you like to see available in a shop on my website?

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