Midnight’s Curse Blog Tour Wrap Up

Midnight's Curse Blog Tour Mock-Up

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the blog tour for Midnight’s Curse, the #MidnightsCurse challenge on Instagram, bought the book, reviewed the book, or otherwise spread the word during the release! The excitement for Midnight’s Curse was so great to see, and I’m so glad many of you have been enjoying the book!

My author copies of Midnight’s Curse finally arrived! You can order signed copies directly from me on my Store page.

Congratulations to Abigail Harder on winning the blog tour prize!

I am working on picking the winners for the Instagram challenge. Going on a vacation immediately after releasing a book is wonderful, but the lack of phone and internet service does make it difficult to stay on top of the last few details of a book release.

My vacation was very relaxing, though, and the Pictured Rocks area of Michigan is just as gorgeous as everyone says it is. I’m not going to flood you with photos, but here are a few from the trip.


Isn’t the water such a stunning blue?


This waterfall is Spray Falls, one of two major waterfalls that dump over the Pictured Rocks cliffs into Lake Superior. Since we were doing this trip on the cheap, we didn’t pay for a kayak or boat tour, so we hiked a nearly 10 mile round trip to view this waterfall. The first three miles of the hike were done in a steady rain that, while not a downpour, was enough to get us soaked. At least the rain cut down on the number of people hiking, so we had the trail nearly to ourselves for most of the day.


Beautiful sunset over Lake Superior.

I hope everyone is having a great summer, even if it is winding down. Thanks once again for the great release for Midnight’s Curse!

One thought on “Midnight’s Curse Blog Tour Wrap Up

  1. M.H. Elrich August 22, 2019 / 11:10 pm

    Looks like you have more fodder for your books! Gorgeous.


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