Fan Art Contest – Fiction Part 1

Whew, so many good fan art submissions! I’m still so blown away!

Today’s post is going to be a little long. I’m sharing part of the fan fiction pieces (a collection of poems and a small story). Tomorrow, you’ll be getting two posts for both of the longer short stories that were submitted.


Josie Ophoff – Renna

Her family was a token,

But now it is broken.

No Father or Mother,

Only a sister, no brother.

Renna is afraid

Of Leith the Blade.

But she loves God with all her heart,

And nothing can bring them apart.

Josie Ophoff – Brandi


Renna’s sister

Always happy

Never upset

Devoted to God


Paul Ophoff – Leith

Lord Respen’s blade

Eager to be free

Important to blades

Traitor of the blades

Harrison’s enemy

Josie Ophoff – Brandi’s Adventure


On a bright, sunny day, Brandi wanted to go exploring in the forest.

“Renna, I am going to play outside. I will be back soon. I am going to be in the forest,” Brandi yelled to Renna.

On the way to the forest she found some flowers. A little bunny was jumping around in them.

When Brandi got there, she saw a squirrel climbing up a tree, and a baby bird with its mother. But when Brandi was looking up at the trees and the wildlife in them, she lost her footing and fell into a steep pit. She landed on her arm. Brandi was still stuck. She was tired, hungry, and not feeling very good. It was getting late. It was cold, windy, and dark.

Renna looked at the time. “Where is Brandi? She should be here by now. She must have gotten lost in the forest!”

Renna searched almost the entire forest for Brandi. “Brandi, Brandi! Where are you?” Renna yelled across the trees. Eventually, Brandi heard Renna calling, but was too exhausted to call back to Renna. Brandi began to worry if Renna would ever find her.

Renna prayed that God would guide her to Brandi.

Now Renna was getting hungry too. She considered going back for food, then thought of how hungry Brandi must be. She stayed and kept looking.

It was getting too dark for Renna to see. She had to stop her search before she got lost, too. Brandi went to sleep.


Brandi woke up. She found herself surrounded by large nuts. The pit she fell in was right under a walnut tree. She opened the shell by cracking them with sharp rocks.

Renna woke up as soon as possible. She ate, grabbed food for Brandi, and went to the forest.

Brandi was still exhausted. She was dehydrating fast without water. Her arm was also bad. It was turning red, and dangled at a weird angle down the side of her body.

Renna called again, “Brandi, please tell me where you are!”

With her last breath, Brandi called, making sure Renna was close enough to hear, “I’m over here.” As she said this, she fainted.

Renna went immediately to where she heard Brandi’s voice. She grabbed Brandi’s good arm, and pulled with all her night. When she got Brandi out of the hole, she fed her and gave her some water. Brandi’s face was regaining color. She would be alright!

Renna took Brandi home immediately. She put Brandi in bed and told her she can’t go alone in the forest anymore. Renna examined Brandi’s arm.

“It is a break, but not too bad,” said Renna. She gave Brandi some pain relieving medicine. She put a splint on Brandi’s arm and put her to sleep.

Brandi knew what could have happened to her. It wasn’t the scariest thing she has ever been involved in, though. Brandi became more cautious anytime she went with Renna to the forest. She still enjoyed it, though.




3 thoughts on “Fan Art Contest – Fiction Part 1

  1. Rachael Steele March 16, 2016 / 10:53 am

    Nice job!


  2. Emily Drown March 17, 2016 / 3:59 am

    Argh! I actually FORGOT to do this. How could I. Oh well, I shall have to enter the next contest, whenever that may be. 🙂


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