Bailey Baxter Series – Fun Stuff Part Two

Today, I’d like to introduce you to three of the main characters from the Bailey Baxter series by Kim Moss.


Bailey Baxter

Physical characteristics

Medium height, straight blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny but not athletic, olive skin tone


Bailey is very introspective and mature for her age.  Some people might call her an old soul. She’s creative and sometimes gets lost in her own daydreams.  She’s very trusting and kindhearted to her friends, and she’s full of compassion for others.  She’s also adventurous and can be a risk-taker when it comes to matters of the heart.


She loves to climb trees.  She loves to curl up with her leather-bound journal or a good book. She’s read Pride and Prejudice & Romeo and Juliet.  She’s a wistful romantic, a lover of poetry and stories.  Perhaps she’s a sucker for star-crossed lovers or impossible situations.  She plays the guitar and writes poetry.  She hates all things algebra.


Bailey’s biggest strength is her faith in God. Throughout life’s tragedies, she’s able to trust in Him.  She’s optimistic and hopeful.  Bailey’s also stubborn.  Yet her biggest weakness is probably her indecisiveness.  She’s a typical teenage girl, whimsical in her decisions.  Sometimes this can be to her disadvantage, especially where her love life is concerned.

What Draws You to Bailey

She’s your typical all-American girl, which makes her very relatable to many young people.  She’s not the most popular girl in school.  She’s not an athlete, she’s not the captain of the cheerleaders.  She’s not remotely wealthy or even all that beautiful.  She’s real, just like your little sister or your best friend, and you want to root for her.  Even when she makes mistakes, you cheer her on because you might have even made the same mistakes yourself.


Bryce Hall

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Physical characteristics

Medium height, wears glasses sometimes, brown hair, hazel eyes, athletic build, adorable dimples and a smile that makes you weak in the knees


Bryce is a perfect gentleman.  Both quick-witted and charming, he’s absolutely brilliant and makes good grades in school.  He’s also very sensitive to other people’s feelings. He’s a risk-taker when it comes to extreme sports, but he guards his heart carefully.  Bryce is the kind of guy that all the girls want to date (but don’t because they don’t think they meet his high standards.)


Bryce is a lover of Shakespeare and the X-Games.  He spends a lot of his time at the skate park. He’s also very athletic, which makes him very good at almost anything he tries.  Although he’s very athletic, his deepest love is reading and writing.  He loves science fiction and poetry.  He’s not a huge fan of team sports.


Bryce’s biggest strength is his likable personality.  He’s a flirty, funny guy, and everyone wants to be friends with him.  He’s a people pleaser, which can also be a weakness.  He has a hard time making decisions, and despite his popularity and outward zeal, deep down, he’s a bit unsure of himself.  Sometimes he gives up when he’s afraid he’ll fail.

What Draws You to Bryce

Bryce’s dad died when he was younger and he was raised by his single mom, so you’re immediately drawn to his sensitive side.  You root for him because he’s been through a lot of the same things that Bailey is currently going through.  You like it that he’s not afraid to be affectionate with those he cares about. Whether it’s giving his mom a hug or taking Bailey by the hand in English class, his boldness draws you to him.  You’re always waiting to see what he’s going to do next.  Despite his affectionate side, he’s never kissed a girl.  He’s a romantic dreamer who saves his first kiss for someone he loves.


Max Martin

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Physical characteristics

Tall, short blonde hair, blue eyes, boy-next-door


Max is a Southern sweetheart.  Having grown up with Bailey in Louisiana, he’s known her his entire life and has a deep-rooted interest in her well-being.  He’s very quiet and can be passive aggressive.  He’d rather pick on Bailey than tell her he’s crazy about her.  He’s not a risk-taker, which makes him very patient.


He loves the Baxters.  He feels like they’re a part of his family. He likes to play pool and spend time with the people he cares about.  Whether it’s wakeboarding or jet-skiing, Max loves getting out on the lake.  He’s athletic and very good with little kids. He doesn’t like seeing Bailey get hurt, so he’s very protective of her.


Max’s biggest strength is his caring heart.  He’s good with the little boys he works with at camp in My Summer Storm, and he’s very intuitive when it comes to Bailey’s feelings.  However, he’s not always sure about his feelings for Bailey, so he sends her a lot of mixed messages.  One minute he treats her like a little sister and the next he flirts with her like he wants more.  His patience is a strength, but it could also prove to be a weakness, too.

What Draws You to Max

Max is the perfect guy to have a crush on.  He’s good-looking and funny.  He’s Bailey’s knight in shining armor.  He’s the one who has always been there.  You love it that he knew and loved her mother and shares memories with Bailey.  You enjoy imagining them together as children playing in the backyard together.  You look toward the future and wonder if Max could be Bailey’s “someday.”  The thing you love most about Max is that he loves Bailey from a distance and seems to always have her best interest at heart.

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