Fan Art Contest – Drawings

Here’s the second round of fan art projects! All the lovely drawings and art work! They are all so amazing!

Just to remind everyone, the official voting will open this weekend once all the posts are up.

Paul Ophoff – Leith arriving wounded at Stetterly Manor

Paul Ophoff Drawing

Hannah Rodes – Renna and Brandi

Hannah Rodes - Sketch 1


Tabitha Lynn – Brandi

Tabitha Lynn - Brandi drawing


Moko Kai – “I Got You” – Leith rescuing Brandi

Moko Kai - i got you (2) (1)



Ariana – Renna

Ariana - Renna Drawing


Adri Ray – Leith rescuing Brandi

Adri Ray - Leith Rescuing Brandi sketch


Hannah Rogers – Leith and Renna

If you like Hannah’s fan art, she has a fan art Facebook page that is also fun.

Renna and Leith


Hannah Rogers – Leith and Vane

Leith and Vane

Hannah Rogers – Renna and Brandi

Renna and Brandi

All of these are so amazing! Thanks so much for everyone’s hard work on this artwork!

Next up, tomorrow you’ll get the first look at the fiction pieces that were submitted!

Fan Art Contest – Photos!

You guys all blew me away! Such awesome submissions! Thanks to everyone!

So, here’s how this is going to go. Each day this week, I’ll be posting the fan art submissions. Once they are all posted, you’ll have the chance to vote on your favorites in each category and your overall favorite, with the winners being announced on March 26.

All right. On to the photos!

Hannah Rodes – Photo 1Hannah Rodes - Photo 3

Hannah Rodes – Photo 2Hannah Rodes - Photo 2

Hannah Rodes – Photo 3Hannah Rodes - Photo 1

Berry – Photo 1Berry 3

Berry – Photo 2Berry 2

Berry – Photo 3Berry 1

Adri Ray – Photo 1

Adri Ray - Photo 3

Adri Ray – Photo 2

Adri Ray - Photo 2

Adri Ray – Photo 3

Adri Ray - Photo 1