Qualifications & Endorsements


I have a B.A. in Writing from Grand Valley State University with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in English. GVSU is one of only about 30 universities in the country that has a dedicated writing department instead of writing classes offered as a subset of the English department. You can find more details about their writing program here.

As part of the writing program at GVSU, I was trained in critiquing other authors’ work through numerous small group and whole class critiques.

While at GVSU, I also attended their Honors College, which focused on honing students’ writing skills.

Since then I have written and published six books (5 novels and 1 novella), working with two different professional editors in the process. I have personally experienced the worth of a professional edit and learned how to edit by observing the work my fellow editors have done on my own work.

I have also critiqued and beta-read for several authors.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tricia on two projects now, and her insight has proved invaluable. Her editing skills are first-rate, her knowledge of grammar excellent and she’s highly intuitive. I’ve worked with several editors, and none have come close to Tricia’s innate ability to find plot holes, inconsistencies and to offer suggestions all without changing my voice. I’m looking forward to working with Tricia for all future projects and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

PictureSarah Addison-Fox

Author of The Allegiance Series



“Without a doubt, working with Tricia brought my manuscript and writing abilities to the next level. She gives excellent and thoughtful critiques, finding what works and what doesn’t from the big picture to the heart of your story. She’ll tell you your strengths and what she loved, but also points out ways to improve plot holes, theme, character likability, and deeper worldbuilding, and does so in a very kind and gentle way. I highly recommend her to any writer or author who wants a professional eye to help improve their writing and storytelling skills!” – Sierra


Other Editors I Recommend

While I’m disappointed that I won’t be working with you, I understand that an editor might not be a fit for every author. Below are a few other editors I recommend:

Kathrese McKee at Wordmarker Edits

Serena Chase: Editing and Copywriting Services