Edits & Rates

List of Services

Manuscript Critique

$.005 per word

This critique is an overview critique of your whole manuscript focusing on over-arching evaluation of plot, characters, themes, structure, pacing, world-building, clarity, and reader engagement. You will receive a five to seven page single spaced critique. No comments or suggestions will be made on the manuscript itself. This edit is a great entry point assessment for authors to help with an overall recommendation and plan of action for their manuscript.

Comprehensive Edit

$.01 per word
Optional $50 hourly rate also offered

The comprehensive edit (also called the developmental or substantive edit) focuses on the plot, characters, themes, structure, pacing, world-building, clarity, and reader engagement like the manuscript critique but with a deeper analysis on the manuscript itself. Comments and suggestions will be provided on the manuscript itself along with a page or two single-spaced summary of the evaluation. May also include some comments regarding line editing and grammar if I notice those issues while I am reading through the manuscript, but those issues will not be the focus.

This edit is highly recommended for authors both traditional and indie who are seriously seeking publication.

Line Edit

$.01 per word

The line edit focuses on the individual sentences to smooth out and tighten the manuscript. I check for repetitive words or sentences, clunky wording, and awkward sentence structure.

Copy Edit

$.005 per word

This edit focuses on proper grammar, usage, and punctuation.

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