Editorial Services

Sword & Cross logoWelcome to Sword & Cross Editorial!

Every author needs a good editor, even established authors. Whether you are looking to traditionally publish and need an edit to help your manuscript shine during the submission process or are planning to go the indie route and need a good edit for your book to shine before readers, I’m here to help.

I strive to help your manuscript shine the way you intend. I work to help you find your particular voice and vision in your story.

I specialize in fiction, especially fantasy, written from a Christian worldview, but I am open to editing books written for the general market as well. Having written and published books of my own, I have experience with what it takes to edit and prepare a book for publication, especially on the indie side of publishing. I prefer clean, but some steaminess and mild language doesn’t faze me. No erotica please. I reserve the right to decline projects for any reason whatsoever and without explanation.

You can find my editorial qualifications and testimonials from past and current clients here.

I offer a variety of levels of editing services. You can find the full explanation of my services and rates here.

If you are interested, in an edit, please use this contact form to begin the process. I am willing to provide a sample edit of your first two chapters if needed. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tricia Mingerink reserves the right to cancel or refuse any critique or editing service. If a service is refused or canceled by Tricia Mingerink, all monies paid will be refunded within 7 days of cancellation. Tricia Mingerink does not edit erotica or books with graphic sexual content.