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BOK Trilogy

Hello, Readers!

If you’re like me, you are always searching for new books to read. When I was a teen, I couldn’t find much for Christian YA fiction. Now that I’ve been trolling blogs and following threads online, I’ve found a number of authors and books that I wish I’d known about years ago.

To help all of you along, I’ve added a YA Fiction Finder set of pages. All the books on these pages are ones that I’ve personally read since I don’t want to recommend a book to all my readers that I haven’t read myself. I’ve also added a few links to a few other places to find more Christian YA books. I’ve organized my pages by both genre and author so that you can look it up either way.

I plan to add to these pages as I discover and read more books so check back frequently!

So without more introduction, my YA Christian Fiction Finder!

Any books that you’d recommend that you don’t see on my pages?

“Prove” your Manuscript

Proving bread

On a baking show I was watching recently, the contestants had to make a certain kind of bread. For the bread to turn out, they had to “prove” their dough, a professional baking term for letting the dough rise before baking.

And, being the writer I am, it reminded me of writing. As writers, we also need to “prove” our manuscripts. Once we finish assembling our ingredients of plot, character, theme, and setting into the dough of our first draft, we need to give our manuscript time to sit. If you try to edit right away, either you will be so in love with your words how they are that you won’t edit enough or you will be so wiped by the first draft that you’ll hate your words and be tempted to throw them all away.

Instead, be willing to give it time.

It is amazing the change of perspective that comes about by not touching a manuscript for a few weeks or a few months. Sometimes, I have a manuscript that I absolutely adore. When I take it out again, I start to see all the places that it isn’t actually as great as I thought it was. Sometimes, I have a manuscript that I toss into a drawer in frustration because it fought me every step of the way while drafting. When I take it out again, I see the places where it isn’t actually as bad as I thought. There might even be something worth saving in it.

Like proving bread, proving your manuscript takes patience. It is very tempting to take it out too early and start fiddling with it even though you know it needs to sit longer.

What about you? How much time do you give yourself between writing a first draft and editing it?

Goals for the New Year

Antique pen and inkwell

This is a time of year for looking back at the past year of goals and looking toward new goals. After the holidays punctuate the end of the year in celebration, its time to get back to business. Back to the grind and the hard work that it takes to achieve goals.

This past year, I wrote 3 books and edited 3 books. I sent out 11 query letters and received 11 rejections. I finally established a writing routine and stuck to it for over nine months. I started this blog. All goals checked off a list.

This year, I have a new list of goals. I’d like to write 4 books and edit 3 books. I’d like to improve this blog by making it more reader friendly. I have other goals that I can’t reveal quite yet, but they’re exciting.

The long list of goals can be overwhelming. Shoulders can sag under the weight of goals needing to be checked off lists upon lists. Even exciting goals can be wearisome if they seem too big.

But they needn’t be too big. Yes, I have goals, but I must ultimately bow to God’s will. His will for my life trumps all my goals.

I hope, as you set out on your goals, that you are sustained as you tackle them this year.

Looking forward into this new year of blogging, what would you as readers like to see in this blog? More book reviews? More posts on writing? Other things?